Thomas Barfod – Don’t Understand

Thomas Barfod, the Danish producer,  member of Friends of Friends and drummer for WhoMadeWho, has a new slice of nice.  The track is called Don’t Understand, and it showcases how  next level this guy’s studio chops are.  Barfod makes incredible sounding tracks, his production has always been top notch, and here it’s really evident.  There’s a lot going on, but everything is in the right place.  A disembodied lead vocal is supported by huge, lush, ethereal backing vocals.  It’s a thick layer of sheen, but Barfod doesn’t forget to also brink the thumping, bumping bass.  He’s gotten more sophisticated over the years, but his skills as a drummer always show.  Even on a classy house track like this one, he keeps your head bobbing and ass shaking, just as he did on his earlier electro-house stuff.  Halfway through he drops something that sounds like an acid riff being played on a $10 casio.  Or maybe it’s a solo from the Jimi Hendrix of melodica.  Either way, it shows Barfod hasn’t lost any of the inventiveness that he displayed on older jams like Saturdaya.  Can’t wait to try this one out on an unsuspecting dance floor.

Also, grab the free remix by Abstraxion on RCRDLBL and see Barfod live Saturday July 28th at Loreley, when he guest DJs at Let’s Play House.

-Dope Werewolf